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Local Bike Races

Mountain Bike Racing

American Mountain Bike Challenge (USA Cycling):

AMBC competitions are excellent places for riders to try the racing scene for the first time or seasoned athletes to test their skills against their fellow racers

Tri-State 6 Hour Race Series:

Developed and ran by racers for racers. This 6-hour mountain bike series is comprised of 4 races in the Greater Cincinnati area from the beginning to the end of summertime.

D.IN.O. Series (Do Indiana Off-Road):

DINO is Indiana's leading producer of mountain bike and trail running events.

OMBC Series (Ohio Mountain Bike Championship):

The OMBC Series features thirteen mountain bike races at a variety of the best venues in Ohio.

Kentucky Point Series:

The Kentucky Point Series is brought to you by individual promoters working together to bring riders together and compete for the State Championship

N.U.E. (National Ultra Endurance Series):

The NUE Series is dedicated to providing a level playing field for ALL, Professionals and Amateurs alike. In an effort to elevate the sport of ultra-endurance Mountain Biking to the national stage, The National Ultra Endurance Series was born in 2006.

Road Racing

Ohio Cycling:

Ault Park Series (Cincinnati):

Cleves Time Trial Series (Cincinnati):

Indiana/Kentucky Cycling Association:

Kentucky Cycling Events:

Cyclocross Racing

Ohio Valley Cyclocross (OVCX):

The OVCX is a 14 race series representing the scenes in Cincinnati, Dayton, Louisville, Lexington, Bloomington and Indianapolis region. Racers accumulate points for participation and placing in series events (best 7 placings) to win the overall championship in 24 categories.

Cincy3 Cyclocross Festival:

One of the oldest cyclocross race weekends in the Midwest, the Cincinnati International Cyclo-Cross Festival encompasses three days of UCI ranked events in the greater Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati Cyclocross, Inc is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization set up to promote area cyclocross and develop youth cyclocross through proceeds from cyclocross event production and corporate sponsorship.  All proceeds from the Cincy3 weekend benefit local youth racing.