Lesson in Lights

Lights for cyclists

The sun is setting and the days are getting shorter, but don't let that get between you and your ride! This month's Shop Talk covers the importance of lights, the difference between lights, and varying lighting tech. Read on and receive our special offer below!

Different lights for different rides

There are 2 main groups of lights. Those that illuminate the rider to gain the attention of drivers, and those that light the road for cyclists to see. 

Rating a light

First things first, lumens are the most common way manufacturers measure light output. For the most part, lights that range from 50 - 150 lumens will do a great job of attracting drivers. Systems that offer 200 lumens or more push enough light for riders to comfortably see the road or path ahead.

Stand out!

Lights that are designed to attract the attention of motorists often focus on flash patterns, wide angle lenses, and long-lasting battery life. These lights are ideal for riding in the day and late afternoon.

We carry a range of lights for this use, including Blackburn headlights and tail lights.

Into the dark!

Lighting systems that brighten up the road ahead almost always feature rechargeable batteries, water resistance, and varying mounting methods. They're great for commuters and they add a new experience to mountain biking. Even cyclists that get stuck out after dark can benefit from a bit of extra light.

We carry a bunch of Light & Motion options to blaze the way.