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Exercise Machines

CycleOps CycleOps 200/300 Indoor Cycle w/o computer
$700.00 $1,399.00 50% Off
4 points of micro-adjustment duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike; you can customize your ride by changing out the seat, the pedals and/or road-style handlebar Precise resistance control lets you dial up the difficulty level for whatever intensity you can dish out Freewheeling hub lets you stop pedaling and coast whenever your pace dictates needed recovery between efforts Heavy-duty 48 lb. flywheel provides fluid starts/stops and precise, incremental resistance adjustment Stable platform for sprinting workouts or hill climbs Dual-capacity water bottle holder keeps you hydrated for the long haul
Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro
The new Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro leverages the iconic Schwinn air resistance reputation of durability and performance and updates it with a design and feature set in perfect alignment with today's unique fitness challenges and environments. Whether you use it to bring your workouts to a new level or require the perfect total body cardio workout machine for your home; the new Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro delivers the latest in air resistance technology for effective and efficient workouts.
Schwinn Airdyne AD2
Using wind-resistance technology to provide an unparalleled upper- and lower-body workout, the Schwinn® AD2 increases its resistance the harder you pedal, making it the perfect machine for novices and pro athletes alike. Synchronized motion simulates natural movement for a complete workout, or use the foot pegs for a more focused workout for your upper body.
Schwinn Airdyne AD6
The Airdyne® Exercise Bike is simply smart. Wind resistance is exponential, so the harder you pedal, the higher the resistance becomes. The console is designed to show key data all at once, and it has a unique RevMeter™ RPM gauge that's perfect for interval training. The Schwinn® AD6 Airdyne® Bike is a must-have cardio machine for any home gym.
Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike
Hop on the Schwinn® IC2 Indoor cycle trainer, and you'll experience a unique workout that simulates the real-life cycling feel of an outdoor bike in a controlled, hard-pedaling indoor environment. And with its innovative system that adjusts resistance levels in continuous increments, you'll burn calories while feeling like you're riding through rolling hills. The IC2 is intended for residential use only and not for use in a commercial or institutional setting.
Schwinn Journey 2.0 Recumbent Bike
Improved stability delivers amazing smoothness to every workout. The new Journey 2.0 recumbent bike delivers an array of workout options to fit almost anyone's fitness goals – and budget.
Schwinn Schwann Journey 1.5 Upright Bike
Keep fit with the Schwinn Journey 1.5 Upright Cycle, you can meet your goals and feel the burn in the comfort of your own home. The Journey 1.5 has an enhanced LCD console with integrated pulse grip monitor and 29 programs to help you reach your fitness goals. Features: High speed, high intertia perimeter weighted flywheel. 25 resistance levels of eddy current magnetic 29 programs
Schwinn Schwinn Journey 4.5 Elliptical
If you're ready to get fit, this amazing elliptical can help you reach your goals with ease, comfort and innovation. The Journey 4.5 Elliptical trainer offers amazing comfort, improved stability and an array of customizable workout programs to fit virtually anyone's fitness goals.
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