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An e-bike is a bicycle that offers electric assistance while pedaling. The motor kicks in when there is tension on the chain, and its power output varies based on the selected setting. There are versions of e-bikes that use a throttle on the handlebar.

Riding Style


Do you work far enough away where riding your "analog" bike to work isn't possible due to sweat, timeliness, or geographical restrictions? If so, an e-bike is the perfect companion. We have models that can average up to 28 mph and take a huge bite out of any hills you might face. Plus, you can pack all your bags and show up clean thanks to frames that are rack and fender compatible. 

Staying Active

For those that love to bike but have a hard time keeping up with friends and family, an e-bike can make all the difference. Our bikes offer a range of power outputs so you can still get a workout in while also keeping up with the pack. E-bikes also offer great stability due to their weight and acceleration. But don't worry, they also have large hydraulic disc brakes (just like your car) that can stop on a dime.

Riding In The Peloton

Missing your Sunday group rides or that backcountry road route you use to ride? An e-bike puts you back on the road with the same riding characteristics you've learned to love. Our road e-bikes are equipped with drop bars and have sleek battery and frame designs to give you the look and feel of a traditional road bike.

Hitting The Trails

Miss going out to the woods and riding the trails? There's an e-bike that can get you up the climbs, through the creeks, and down the hill just as well as any other mountain bike. Plus, their battery range makes even the longest and hardest trail doable.

Please check trail rules on pedal assist bikes before riding.

E-Bike Laws

Ohio Laws

There are laws regulating e-bikes in Ohio as of late 2018 with House Bill 250. This law requires each bike to be properly identified for its output level in 3 different classes. Class 1 & 2 is allowed on shared paths and walkways while class 3 bikes are restricted to road use only. Class 1 & 2 bikes are restricted to 20mph - 1 having pedal engaged assist while 2 uses a throttle. Class 3 is a bike limited to 28mph. There is also an age requirement of 16 years old to ride a class 3 bike. Bikes can be upgraded or down graded so long as they're then labeled with the appropriate Class tags. Get all the details about this law from the Ohio legislature Here and on

Kentucky Laws

Kentucky doesn't appear to have any laws that specifically target e-bikes just yet. They're currently considered mopeds and are enforced as such. They don't need to be registered with the state, and they cannot exceed 30 mph. Anyone under the age of 21 must wear a helmet. Read more at

The Electronics


There are a number of brands that manufacture the electronics that power an e-bike. The most popular include Yamaha, Boche, Shimano, and Specialized. Each offers their own approach to designing batteries, motors, and computer systems.

It's a good idea to test ride a number of these providers to see what nuances you like and dislike. Some make noises and some have different motor engagement processes. To each their own, but you can rest assured that you'll be on a top-of-the-line system. Every brand mentioned here offers water resistant electronics that are secured by keys and are backed by warranties.


There are loads of things we can discuss when talking batteries. For instance, Volts play a major role in how your bike performs. The two common Voltage ratings for e-bike batteries are 36V and 48V. Volts are the driving force behind a battery. So the higher the Voltage the more power you'll have pushing your motor. This leads to faster acceleration and more torque.

Ultimately, there is one key number that makes all the difference for cycling and that's the Watt Hour (Wh) rating. The more Watt Hours, the longer you'll be able to ride before the battery drains. Check out the Specialized Range Calculator to get an idea of how for you can go on their bikes (range is based on rider size & weight, geography, and system output mode).  See for a further breakdown of what all the numbers mean on a battery.

E-Bike Accessories

Car Racks - Thule EasyFold XT 2

Transporting your e-bike may be a little trickier than you average bike. Most racks have a limit around 35-40lbs per bike so there may be a safety issue should you have a rack that holds only 2 bikes and your moving an e-bike + a second bike. Thule addressed all of the challenges one might face with their EasyFold XT 2 hitch rack.

Thule built the rack with e-bike weights in mind. They added retractable ramps so users don't need to lift the bike up to mount it, and its robust design and material choice will hold 2 full-sized e-bikes (Max 65lb each). 


E-Bikes are fantastic for commuting because of their ability to get you where you need to go with little effort. Still, nobody wants to arrive covered in dirt and water. Most commuter style e-bikes are compatible with fenders. They're a great way to prevent water from splashing up your back or flaring up in front.