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Jim's Commute

My first week of commuting by e-bike was done on the Giant Road E+ 1 Pro. The bike is built up with a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and brake components, along with Giant electronics such as the motor, battery, and computer. In all, the Road E+ 1 Pro weighs in at just over 44lbs. Now, this is a bit heavier than your regular steel framed bike, but compared to the other e-bikes out there the E+1 Pro remains competitive. Besides, even when in eco mode the bike helps enough to make it feel like an 18lb racer.


I road the 5-mile commute from Montgomery Cyclery Beechmont to the western side of Anderson Township. On my way, I played with the 5 different power levels to get a feel for them. They include Eco, Basic, Active, Sport, and Power. I felt like I was riding in the Tour de France when I flew up hills going more than 20 mph!


On Tuesday I did a total of 26 miles on the bike between work and home. I added a Specialized Messenger bag to my kit so I could carry an extra shirt, my laptop, and other personal items. The additional storage space makes commuting a lot easier since I can bring everything I need for the day with me.


I made a 22.5-mile loop from home on the western side of Anderson Township down through Newtown across to Round Bottom and up Route 50 in Milford (just a mile or so from the movie theater). I finished my commute at work in Beechmont. After a long day, I road the 5 miles back home and recharged the battery overnight.


Wrapping up my week of commuting, I took an 11-mile route to work in Beechmont using mainly the Eco - Active levels on the flats. I couldn't help to get into Sport mode going uphill since it's so helpful and keeps me from being soaking wet upon arrival. 

First Week Stats

In all I road 64 commuting miles during the week. My key takeaway from the week is that even though the bike is pedal assist, you still get a workout in. The real difference is just the speed that you get from point A to point B. Next week, I'll try riding in 1 power mode to see how it impacts battery life and if it's a good way to get around town.

Catch you next week!

- Jim