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Preserving Nature While Cycling

More people are becoming active cyclists. With the growing number of cyclists, there are more places becoming available for them to ride. While camping, cycling is often a great activity to enjoy the area with your family, friends, or even on your own. More communities are adding bike lanes on the roadways, there are more locations also adding areas for recreational cycling. Parks have welcomed cyclists, and many have added trails and areas just for cyclists to enjoy some time away from it all. But, when you are out cycling, you need to work to preserve nature, so others can enjoy it as well. 

Tips to Help Preserve Nature While Cycling 

Stay on the designated trail – You should keep your bike on the path, trail, or road that is designated. When you get off the path, you are damaging the habitat that many creatures call home. Getting off the trail will damage flora and crush plant roots. Plus, it significantly increases your changes of a crash as well. 

Avoid the slopes – You should never cycle on a slope because it is not only dangerous for you, but it is also a leading contributor to erosion, which will damage plants and impact the wildlife in the area. 

Always share the road – You aren’t the only person out on the road or trail. Watch for other cyclists and pedestrians or hikers. If you are on the actual road, watch for other vehicles. You should maintain a safe speed, so you can avoid a collision. 

Watch for wildlife – Watch for wildlife as you are out and about. Depending on where you are, you might encounter everything from squirrels and rabbits to buffalo, elk, bear and deer. You want to be able to stop at a moment’s notice and maintain a safe distance

Pick up any trash – Don’t leave trash anywhere. If you take along snacks, be sure to pick up any wrappers. Don’t leave any drink bottles laying around. If you can, use recyclable packages or reusable water bottles and containers, so you help the environment. Your trash can be deadly to animals. 

Don’t cut ruts – It can be dangerous for you to cut ruts in the trail or path as it causes a hazard for you and other cyclists. It also damages the environment as it can cut into plant roots. When it rains, the ruts will collect water, causing slippery and muddy situations in the future, which will cause erosion. 

Never “ride the brakes” – You don’t want to go too fast downhill, but by pacing yourself and knowing whether to use both brakes or a single brake, is much safer and more efficient. Riding your brakes can cut ruts that dig up vegetation and damages roots, furthering erosion.

Take turns with caution – Taking corners too hard can contribute to a crash, and it can also dig up the flora and soil and cause a rut. Practice your cycling, so you won’t have difficulty cutting corners and making turns.

This article was created Personal Injury Help [], an organization dedicated to providing the public with information about personal injury and safety information. Nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice, and it is intended for informational use only. Be sure to review your local cycling ordinances to ensure you ride safe and legally!