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The Importance of Fall & Winter Clothing 

Don't let the cooling temperatures declare riding season over. Cold weather riding apparel, similar to summer clothes, are designed to insulate you from the elements, pull moisture from your skin, and maintain optimal fit in a riding position.

Key Items During

Fall: Windbreakers and leg warmers work well to insulate from mild temperatures. If conditions get worse, consider adding a baselayer and gloves.

Winter: Baselayers, long sleeve jerseys and jackets, pants, gloves, shoe covers, and multi-tubes are a must; especially when there's snow on the ground! Always remember to remove layers before sweating

Street Clothes vs. Activewear

  • Casual clothing is comfortable but not built for activity. Cycling apparel is designed to pull sweat away from the skin by making contact with it. You don't hold paper towel above a spill, you place it on the spill.
  • Waterproofing doesn't mean sweat proof. The elements stay out while internal moisture leaves.

The Importance of Fall Apparel

  • Proper layering is the best way to prevent moisture build-up and overheating.
  • Consider starting a ride with a wool baselayer, long sleeved riding jersey, an insulated windbreaker jacket, and leg warmers.
  • Add gloves, booties, bib covers and neck tubes as temperatures drop

Before you go!

Three things to always remember when going out for a ride.

1. Wear just enough to keep from being cold. Being toasty warm will lead to abundant sweat and soon after a loss of insulation.

2. Propper layers makes it easy to adjust your outfit throughout a ride to maintain a neutral temperature. 

3. Technical apparel that fits to the skin pulls moisture away from the body and will prolong your riding session.